First, you will have a permanent record of your success to be stored and recalled whenever you like, your own personal harvest library. Second, those who participate will be eligible for free gift cards to major sporting goods retailers with great odds of winning (1:50). And last, you’ll be helping build a valuable pre-season and season long scouting tool, yours to use as long as you like.
No, the map feature will display your marker that only you can see. Kill locations are used only for general data gathering. Your data is included in the town of the harvest for generating historical statistics for that town only.
Yes, the map feature will allow you to pinpoint the harvest spot and a menu driven page will allow you to fill in all of the harvest details and add a picture if you like.
All pictures and harvest details will be marked inactive and kept safe and secure in the database.
Yes, as long as you rejoin with the same email. If you wish to rejoin with a new email address, there will be a small administration fee to update all of the records.
All species of North American big game and every species of wild turkey can be tracked.
The system relies 100% on hunter user “Record a Harvest” input data.
The data will be limited to any town in any State or Providence.
Yes and No. Any free account member that records a harvest is eligible for the drawings for gift card giveaways. $25.00 gift cards will be awarded at a rate of 1 for every 50 all-inclusive harvests recorded. Paid account users will be eligible for $50.00 gift cards at a rate of 1 for every 50 all-inclusive harvests recorded.
Yes. There will be 16 Best of Big Game and Turkey Contests each with a Grand Prize of $1000 gift cards starting with the 2016 Big Game and Turkey Seasons. There may be some Best Of contests in 2015 depending on harvest reporting participation. We will post contests on the site and notify members by email. Note that all big game and turkey entries of users under a free membership will not convert to those of paid status and will not be eligible for contest entries.
Antelope, Big Horn Sheep, Bison, Black Bear, Blacktail Deer, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Moose, Mountain Goat, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer, Musk Ox, Stone Sheep, Turkey (spring), Turkey (fall), Whitetail Deer.
No. A computer program will choose 12 finalists, at random, for each category. Our Pro Staff will determine the winner based on quality of the photo and the amount of detail shared in the Track the Success Story. Complete contest rules are posted on the contest page.