Track the Herd is a big game and turkey hunter's website, designed by hunters, to be used and enjoyed by hunters. Track the Herd promises to be the most useful pre-season and season long scouting tool since the invention of the trail camera.

The engine that will power the site will be us, big game and turkey hunters. Imagine the near future. Are you considering a new hunting spot, perhaps new game in a different State? Wouldn't it be great to look at that exact area and view real data about that game? How did hunters fare? What numbers did the area produce? What days and times were best to hunt with respect to the Solunar Activity times for that day or week? Was the weather a factor? That will be the power and fun of Track the Herd. Real hunters recording real harvests and real statistics centered a round those successful hunts with a better than most, Solunar Calculator for historical comparison and your future hunts. We want to be more than just another hunter's site to you.

So why would you want to record your hunts and participate in the Track the Herd website?


We want to add to the fun and excitement of your big game and turkey hunting! How? We want to give you place to make a permanent record of your success. You can keep all of the details and pictures as private as you would like. How about weekly give-a-ways of free gear and gift cards? How about you testing the latest gear and hunting products? How about "Best Big Game Harvest Contests"? Best deer, best moose, best antelope, best bear, best turkey, all with great hunting gear prizes. A smart phone app will make recording as easy as taking a picture. How about best Trail Cam picture contests? How about finding great deals for hunting land and hunting leases? How about finding amazing outfitters and deals on the latest technology and hunting products? We will build all of those services for you as fast as your membership and participation allows us. That we promise. It's all about providing the most accurate and useful hunting data that gives you a season long scouting edge never seen before. You'll be able to start your pre-season scouting right there with your computer from the comfort of your favorite easy chair!

We hope you'll join us. We hope you'll hunt with us. We hope you'll Track the Herd. Sign up is free and easy. Want to know more? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions.